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Vincent Chen (陈悦天), Founding Partner


- Established Initiate Capital (火凤资本) in 2021 as the Founding Partner.

- Joined Sea of Stars Capital (S Capital, 辰海资本) in 2017 as a Partner.

- Former Partner of CDH Media Industry Fund (鼎晖投资文化基金)

- Former Investment Director of Sinovation Ventures (创新工场), responsible for investment decisions in the digital entertainment sectors (including games, new media content, entertainment, etc.). Participated in the investment and operation of 2 US dollars and 2 RMB funds.

- CyberAgent Ventures(CA Venture Capital) Investment Manager

• Morgan Stanley Technology Shanghai Analyst/Associate

• Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Software Engineering, School of Computer Science, Fudan University

Mr. Chen's leading investments porfolio include FANFAN Inc., 66RPG, Haoliners Animation, ACTOY, MIMAN Culture, RR.TV, SNH48, MEWE Media, Caviar Communications, Welllink Cloud Gaming, Envolve Group, RCT,Mask Network, Parents' Notes, YOTO, Soundnova, Hobbymax, Original Plan, Phemex, etc.

Established in 2021, Initiate Capital is a leading Investment Fund Focus on Early Stage Companies. 
With a highly professional team and unique industrial resource advantages, Initiate Capital is commited to offer value-added services after investments, aiming to support the startups in enhancing its future growth and ecological investment throughout the life cycle.

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The Largest Female Idol Group Agency in Asia

China's Leading Online TV Show Production House

A Leading Company Providing AI Solution to the Game Industry

A Global Decentralized Platform for Social Network

A Leading Cloud Gaming Solution Provider in China